Marco Mark is a multi-dimensional creative artist. He has worked in the  mediums of airbrush, acrylic, crayon, house paint, watercolor, dye, printing,  ink, pastel, colored pencil, magic marker, etching, engraving, serigraph,  silkscreen, dimensional paint, wallpaper, collage and ink jet printer.  In his creative output, Marco loves to make art icons of famous people. As a  youngster growing up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Marco was an  ardent observer of the island’s annual carnival celebration. He became  fascinated with the colorful revelers, masquerading as famous people during  the two-day festivities. This early exposure, coupled with the everyday play of  calypso and steel drum music, left a profound influence on Marco that still  fuels his creative expression today.  In 1968, Marco immigrated to the United States and attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. Here  he learned about commercial illustration and graphic arts and honed is skills as a commercial artist. After  completing his studies, Marco apprenticed at Designers 3 Art Studio and worked as an Assistant Art  Director at Hicks & Criest advertising agency. When he left the agency, he became a successful freelance  commercial artist. In a short time, his art work adorned umbrellas for the likes of Oscar De la Renta, Nina  Ricci, ABC Wide World of Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Colleges and Universities, and numerous  other businesses throughout the United States.  In the 1980s, Marco moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began making fine art for the Arthur A. Kaplan Co. He  created for the company his popular African-American Dance series, Ailey Dancers, a colorful homage to  the late choreographer and dancer, Alvin Ailey.  In 2007, Marco was asked to contribute his artistic insights and talents to a memorial retrospective of the  late Princess Diana. This retrospective entitled, Princess Diana in Art, compiled by London-born art  connoisseur, Mem Mehmet, and published by Pop Art Books features a collection of paintings reflecting  the shifting moods of this enigmatic princess. Marco’s work, a collage of rag paper, ink, and acrylic on  canvas, captures the essence of this most remarkable and vulnerable young woman.  Today, Marco continues to work and create art in New Jersey. Asked what he would have become had he  not become an artist, Marco replies, “an actor, of course,” a testament to the creativity in him that  continues to burn bright.  His work is featered in various Art Galleries in New York and Florida.  About Artist Copyright © 2011 Wholesale Art Showroom, LLC   Connect to Us Subscribe to News and Updates Series